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Moon Craters Debunked 100% Proof

Posted by Scrap GoldExpert
In this video I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the moon's craters are not formed by impacts from asteroids, comets and meteors. Circular craters are all over the moon's surface, however to create a circular crater the impact must then come from a straight up and down 90 degree angle. My question is where are all the impact trails, canyons, ditches, trenches, scratches and scrapes? There should be thousands of impacts that occurred at various angles which would create different types of impact marks besides circular impact craters. Are we to believe all of the moon's craters were from dead on 90 degree angle collisions? In my experiments performed in the video I demonstrate how high velocity impacts at various angles do not always leave a circular crater and in most cases it does not. Thus we must ask why the moon's surface is covered with thousands of circular impact craters while there are virtually zero impact trails, canyons, gouges, ditches, scratches and scrapes. Obviously mainstream science is not only wrong, but they are lying and therefore we must reject mainstream science and reopen true scientific investigation while using the true scientific method. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO GO VIRAL SO WE CAN HOLD THE LIARS ACCOUNTABLE!!! THE PUBLIC DESERVES TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!
Posted February 17
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