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Friend Finder

Looking for a friend from a virtual world or other social media site?

Here are a few suggestions to find them.


1) Post in this forum thread stating your inworld name Do I Know You

2) Hover over COMMUNITY tab on the top meny bar and choose SEARCH. Type your friends name in the search box and change the drop down menu to MEMBERS

If that does not bring up any results change it back to EVERYTHING. Your friend may be here under a different name but have mentioned their inworld name in a post.

3) Keep an eye on the sidebar content on the main feed page. If your friend is using a familiar photo, you found them :)

4) What does your friend like to do? Check the Groups and Forum categories

5) If all else fails yell out on the main feed saying HEY so and so, are you here?


Here's hoping you find your friends and welcome to ASN


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