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How should I use the Blogging feature?

This is the most misunderstood posting method here at ASN. Blogs are like magazines or news papers. Blogs contain articles for those who want to read interesting stuff, so a blog post should be a good reading, so when people browse the blog articles they can enjoy reading them and dwell in them so to say. Posting something in the blog with a few lines or sentences in it usually results it's removal. Make your blog posts look like an article, preferably with photos or if no photos then at least a good reading about Second Life, Opensim, IMVU, video games, etc.

  • Obviously there is no spamming content allowed. For advertisement please visit Info/Advertising.
  • Posting a blog that is the exact copy of an existing blog post somewhere else is a big no-no. Duplicated content will be removed.
  • Posting a photo with a couple words and a link to an external blog site is not allowed. You can share your blog or website link on the Main Feed, or you can use the Photo Album to post a photo and add your link and a few words to the description.
  • If you don't use a photo, blog post should be atleast 500 words. If you use a photo it can be less but minimum 300 words.
  • Blog articles on ASN must be related to Second Life, any Opensim or Hypergrid, MMO Games, Video Games, etc. No real life related blog articles allowed.
While blogging is a great and effective tool to advertise your product, it is still a blog. You are permitted to use your blog link in your ASN blog but please put some content around it. We promote well written blog posts on our marketing channels to get more readers to your article.

So how can you tell if you should use the blog posting method instead of the other two? It's easy. If the Main Feed and Forums would not support the purpose of your blog post, if it is more an article than a status feed or a discussion topic, then post in blogs.

The major difference in Blogs vs Forums and Main Feed:

It's getting to the readers and engaging them as an article with preferable photos and more than one paragraph. A good reading.

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