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How can I create a Page?

Here at ASN you can create your own page to build your own community. Pages can be created basically for anything that you wish to build a virtual community for. Your business, club, charity, roleplaying, anything within the "ASN Common Sense Policy".

All pages must be Second Life or other virtual world related. No real life subjects allowed.

Just follow this steps:

  1. Click on the Pages menu button on the top
  2. Then click Create New Page
  3. On this page some information about what you can do and have with your page. Here click on "Create Page"
  4. Title: What the name of your page will be. Basically you are naming the page about it's theme and subject.
  5. URL: It's easy. Just read what it says under the field in small letter. That will be the one word name for your page that comes after the main domain like this: ""
  6. Add some keywords in this field. Keywords that are related to your Page's subject. Don't abuse it.
  7. Then select the best matching category.
  8. Then you must give it a description what your page is about.
  9. Upload your logo or page profile photo.
  10. Set up all the privacy and public settings.
  11. Publish your page. We suggest you leave the "Show this page in search results" checked so people on the internet can easily find your page, unless you want a private access for certain people only.

That's it. Then you can post, invite, add photos, set up the cover, have your own discussion forum, etc. you will be fully in control over your page. Please keep in mind that we have the right to delete any pages without warning if we find it inproper for this website or abusing the reward system.

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