• 1 hour ago
    Posted by Arya Stark
    hey hey look this beautiful medieval dress *-* all free STORE:  Ikshu  Dress of Hours -FREE Tan
  • Wed at 10:49 PM
    Posted by Kerri Fegte
    Went bowling at Banger Bowl tonight, and actually won the game by 3 points. Finity actually provided some pregame coaching to me and I was able to compete. In the past I'd not done very well, not terrible, but not able to bowl strikes more than one or two per game, flukes in a game full of spares an...
  • Wed at 2:34 PM
    Posted by Gemini InWorldz
    I have been spending some time over at InWorldz again this past week and found a few nice surprises so I decided to go have a more thorough exploration. I can also export my creations from SL with Imprudence and transfer them to InWorldz to save me building them all over again. The first thing goi...
  • Wed at 11:21 AM
    Posted by Arya Stark
    Hello there! i found this nice drees free at marketplace  the store is :Shardie's Design
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Trying out Phototaking

  • Today while everyone else are asleep I thought while I got some time on my hand I will play a little with photo taking it is something I enjoy but rarely does. All pictures are taken in sl without editing in photoshop sl offers a wide range of different litghning and day cycles.

    This very last picture I did not take I just think it is beautiful^^


    I hope I can improve my picture skils but I think I am on the right track^_^