• Thu at 5:03 PM
    Look what i found!     "Gothic Lolita" by Gothic Empire Dress with two sculpted and flexi skirts sleeves are also sculpted and flexi with bra and stockings high quality textures prims are modify NO jewelry or boots inclusive!! you will find the jewelry "Dark...
  • Every now and then, I discover something really interesting in-world and decide I want to try and make something similar. I've already downloaded about 3 programs and have used them sporadically. But, I can never commit myself to any one project. I've created a few mesh objects in Blender for ...
  • Wed at 10:38 PM
    Posted by Aneurin Kendrick
    Trivia Night Starting August 2nd, every other Saturday at 5-7pm IO time I will be hosting a Trivia Night at the Java Joint. There will be 20 questions at the event and for each one you correctly answer first, you win 15 Paolino's. If you would like to suggest a theme, please let me know via IM or no...
  • Wed at 9:45 PM
    Posted by Arya Stark
    hello, today i gound thid pretty top .. love it :))   contais : This super sexy RIGGED MESH tube top includes a color HUD packed with 5 different colors! Includes 5 standard sizes, X X S, X S, S, M, L. Store: Alyce  
  • Welcome to Miyagawacho hanamachi`s 1st Gacha Festival. In the time period of August 1 - 22 you will find amazing and beautiful items created by good creators in second life who care about what they provide and have fun while building and being creative.  The sim is closed down until August 1&n...

Trying out Phototaking

  • Today while everyone else are asleep I thought while I got some time on my hand I will play a little with photo taking it is something I enjoy but rarely does. All pictures are taken in sl without editing in photoshop sl offers a wide range of different litghning and day cycles.

    This very last picture I did not take I just think it is beautiful^^


    I hope I can improve my picture skils but I think I am on the right track^_^