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    Rez a free Jet ski at the Royal Sailing club and head north for 3 sims. Then turn hard to starboard and you will arrive at Ahabs Haunt. You can’t miss it because there is a skeleton of a dinosaur covering the whole island. So if you turned to port rather than starboard J turn around and go in ...
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    Thought for the Day What I want to know is; Does the Occulus rift thing make coffee and cook dinner? If it doesn’t, then it needs to have a button so I can switch from virtual world view to real world view. That way I can walk to the kitchen whilst I am in world.   Onsen The new Onsen...
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    On my info, there's one word. One between many others but there's a lot more behind it. This word is 'roleplayer'. I've been a roleplayer in rl, both as a player and a gamemaster. I even got some awards as Best GM for Werewolf, Vampire, Kult, Cthulhu. But then there's even more behind this backgro...
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    Here and only here I'm posting the view of new Dance Hall of Equilibrium Center. Made by our great designer lovefur Resident. 

Sunday with Tyson in SL

  • Every weekend Ty makes it a point to spend some time with me in SL which I like and I enjoy. Today wasn't much different. I was in our house as usual rummaging around in my inventory trying to open boxes of different outfits I got for free the past months and taking photos of them for blog entries when Ty who was talking to me on skype decided to go to SL. Suffice it to say that I was elated of course as he's in SL very rarely these days. So we decided to check out this RP Community we have heard of called Papillon Ridge (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/212/123/23). It is some kind of a country community living wherein a couple or a whole family can rent homes from them and you will have actual neighbours and streets where you can ride your car or motorcycles on. It's a very beautiful community no doubt just that it's a bit laggy for both me and Ty and rent is a bit pricey for us. But we still enjoyed walking around and looking inside houses and checking out grocery stores, fire stations, clinics, little parks and children's playground. I say walk around because the fly mode has been disabled in that community so you are not going to be able to fly around - I guess it's more realistic if you walk around or use your car on their streets.

    Below is the photo of the outfit I was trying out when Ty decided to come to SL to spend some time with me. The Tye Dye pants is from Poised (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three%20Rivers/98/17/23), tye dye top was courtesy of Iffyta (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-PROMO-Iffyta-Jadeds-Rigged-Mesh-Tie-Dye-Tank/5811198) and shoes courtesy of Baby monkey (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Timon/178/216/29).

    Photo below is me sitting down one of their park benches when I got so tired walking around and looking at different houses. As you can see behind me they have a live music place called The Basement and beside it is the grocery store for food and a place where you can get Life HUD.

    After awhile the lag became a bit unbearable for both me and Ty so we decided to go back home. And we were welcomed by our three lovely cats sitting in the living room. Awww!

    I decided to continue rummaging inside my inventory for more outfits and found this one. It's an Aqua Floral Dress from IAF (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Companion%20Island/160/222/803).


    While doing my rummaging Tyson decided he has had enough of SL and decided to log off and we said our goodbyes even though we are still talking on voice in skype HAHA!

    And this is how we say our goodbyes SL style. LOL!


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