• Yesterday me and Ty decided to just chill in our house for a bit and be with our kitties and our zooby baby, Chevelle. The we decided to go take pictures at a photo studio. So Ty being Ty he opens up his SL search and searched or a photo studio. He found Photo Square (link below). While there we ...
  • Sat at 11:07 AM
    Posted by Norah Khaos
    My best friend and sister in Sl made her creations and I am promoving it She make shapes...I want to show you a bit of them   this is Alexis her creation for men. I hope you like She makes shapes and eyes too if you see this sky blue eyes are so beautiful I love them this is Astrid s...
  • Sat at 1:31 AM
    Posted by Saffron Wirefly
    Below are a few freebies I got from Earth & Sky Designs. The outfit might not be MESH but they sure are really good quality prim outfit. I have posted below the link to their Marketplace Store as well as their InWorld Store. I have also posted the link to the Marketplace for each individual outfit I...
  •       I am definitly a fan from Caverna Obscura. Her silks are amazing with a sharp eye on high details. This outfit is called Starlight Ocean, and it’s just to die for. Go have a look at the store, as it’s not only silks she sells.
  • Fri at 2:49 AM
    Posted by chaviva eiren
      Marbella from Soedara released an amazing new silk called Aurae. I love her creations, i offten stand in her store just drooling, and thats no joke. Here a picture of the different colors available:     What i am wearing   Shape : my own Skin : Hurley &nd...

Deadly Beaty

  • Mermaid


    Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.

    Siren are generally dark in their natures, dangerous and devious creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales thriving upon pain, death and suffering. They live in the depths of the water, often found in caves and shipwrecks. They like to lure landwalkers with their haunting song, seduce, sometimes torture, enchant, hypnotise and even kill, usually drowning the victim.

    Skin: Al vulo, Eleonor Bisquit

    Eyes: Mayfly

    Shape: My own

    Ears: Slink

    Make-up: Glance

    Hair, tail, claws: .erare. syren.flora ( Hair & kelp edited in a different color)

    Jewelry : Soedara