• I love this grid so much. The friendly atmosphere is amazing and it is uncomparable to other communities I've been in. The Island Oasis community exceeded and continues to exceed my expectations of a virtual world. Everyone, from the average resident all the way up to the founders, is contributing a...
  • Wed at 10:49 PM
    Posted by Kerri Fegte
    Went bowling at Banger Bowl tonight, and actually won the game by 3 points. Finity actually provided some pregame coaching to me and I was able to compete. In the past I'd not done very well, not terrible, but not able to bowl strikes more than one or two per game, flukes in a game full of spares an...
  • Wed at 2:34 PM
    Posted by Gemini InWorldz
    I have been spending some time over at InWorldz again this past week and found a few nice surprises so I decided to go have a more thorough exploration. I can also export my creations from SL with Imprudence and transfer them to InWorldz to save me building them all over again. The first thing goi...
  • Wed at 11:21 AM
    Posted by Arya Stark
    Hello there! i found this nice drees free at marketplace  the store is :Shardie's Design
  •   If you have a blog relating to Second Life you may initially find that, no matter how good the content is few people are bothering to spend time on it. This is a common problem, and whilst creating content that is in some way useful, informative or entertaining is the bedrock of a successf...

Deadly Beauty

  • Mermaid


    Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.

    Siren are generally dark in their natures, dangerous and devious creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales thriving upon pain, death and suffering. They live in the depths of the water, often found in caves and shipwrecks. They like to lure landwalkers with their haunting song, seduce, sometimes torture, enchant, hypnotise and even kill, usually drowning the victim.

    Skin: Al vulo, Eleonor Bisquit

    Eyes: Mayfly

    Shape: My own

    Ears: Slink

    Make-up: Glance

    Hair, tail, claws: .erare. syren.flora ( Hair & kelp edited in a different color)

    Jewelry : Soedara