• Trivia Night Starting August 2nd, every other Saturday at 5-7pm IO time I will be hosting a Trivia Night at the Java Joint. There will be 20 questions at the event and for each one you correctly answer first, you win 15 Paolino's. If you would like to suggest a theme, please let me know via IM or no...
  • 8 hours ago
    Posted by Arya Stark
    hello, today i gound thid pretty top .. love it :))   contais : This super sexy RIGGED MESH tube top includes a color HUD packed with 5 different colors! Includes 5 standard sizes, X X S, X S, S, M, L. Store: Alyce  
  • Welcome to Miyagawacho hanamachi`s 1st Gacha Festival. In the time period of August 1 - 22 you will find amazing and beautiful items created by good creators in second life who care about what they provide and have fun while building and being creative.  The sim is closed down until August 1&n...
  • Tue at 10:07 PM
    Posted by Saffron Wirefly
    In spite of feeling so exhausted and tired from work I have managed to put together some freebies I found in my inventory. Tonight I am featuring freebie outfit I got from S@BBiA. Most of these outfits are not MESH but I still thought that they were well made and have really cute designs. I know tha...
  • Tue at 7:27 PM
    hi all. today i was looking for something different to my avatar . then i found a free dragon :) is very cute i love it.. if u click on it will play the Game of Thrones theme..Is modifiable u can adjust it on your body.. or to change the dragon size   Store : Vlad Blackburn

Deadly Beauty

  • Mermaid


    Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.

    Siren are generally dark in their natures, dangerous and devious creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales thriving upon pain, death and suffering. They live in the depths of the water, often found in caves and shipwrecks. They like to lure landwalkers with their haunting song, seduce, sometimes torture, enchant, hypnotise and even kill, usually drowning the victim.

    Skin: Al vulo, Eleonor Bisquit

    Eyes: Mayfly

    Shape: My own

    Ears: Slink

    Make-up: Glance

    Hair, tail, claws: .erare. syren.flora ( Hair & kelp edited in a different color)

    Jewelry : Soedara