Just joined:

I love ASN! I can link my Second Life FB account to it, and invite others to join in on earning some linden. We have lots of fun and get paid to do things we normally do on other sites! How cool is that?! 

Crimson Torment

I Love ASN. It seems to be easier to make friends in here than on Facebook and of course I like the fact that you get Credits for everything you do, which then can be used to send gifts within ASN or even Lindens inworld.  

Victoriaa Fairlady

ASN has been a nice place to keep in touch with second life friends. You can share as much as you wish and keep real life details to your real life. It also is a great place to meet new people, share same interest, discover new ones and to receive a ... 

Kikutsuru Hanafusa

Avatar Social Network is an awesome place to hang out and connect with your friends and get to know new people. I had been on Facebook for some time but was deactivated. I had heard about ASN and received an offer to come join. I came to check it out... 

MaxPower Godric

Avatar Social Network gives us the platform we need to deepen our second lives and relationships. It reflects the culture that we have formed and gives us features we can mold to fit our expressiveness. 

Eleanor Medier