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A great tool to meet new faces, new places, and new businesses. 

Joko Raremaster

AvatarSocialNetwork is the best site for avatars worldwide. I think of it as the Facebook for avatars and virtual worlds. This is an awesome site ! 

Wesley Regenbogen

ASN just keeps getting better. I've been here since it started and it's been exciting to watch it grow in leaps and bounds. It has many appeals whether you are interested in blogging, making more friends, finding places to explore in second life, clu... 

Venturis ḸÖçø

ASN is more addictive than Second Life. More informative than Wikipedia and more fun than Facebook. No matter which world I travel, be it virtual or real, the main feed of ASN is my constant.companion 

Gemini P

I came to ASN after losing so many accounts on Facebook. News for you: ASN is MUCH MUCH better, friendlier and it feels more like a family than a social network. The Admin Team are so helpful. Recommend it. Leave Facebook - come here ! 

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